Work in Progress

The Senate has a rolling work plan which is comprised of 3 elements.

The first are the formal clinical reviews which the Senate is asked to undertake to support the NHS England assurance process for reconfiguration proposals. The second are the requests for advice which come directly from our stakeholders and the third are the pieces of work which the Senate pro-actively identifies and then develops with its stakeholders.

The Senate needs to be as flexible as possible to enable it to respond to the needs of its stakeholders which can sometimes arise at short notice.  Therefore, whilst it maintains a work plan, new requests can change the priorities for delivery.

The current Senate work plan is:

  • Clinical Review of the Oxfordshire Transformation proposals (Phase 1 and Phase 2)
  • A review of smoking cessation services in secondary care across the BOB and Frimley STP areas with recommendations for increasing impact
  • A review of the proposals for a new thrombectomy service in the Thames Valley
  • The development of a blueprint for a generic community diagnostics centre
  • A review of the current configuration of the PPCI services across the BOB and Frimley STP areas
  • Developing maternity capacity (in conjunction with the Thames Valley Children’s and Maternity SCN)