Guidelines for Advice

The Clinical Senate can consider topics from any aspect of healthcare but it’s input is of most value where:

  • the topic is potentially contentious or complex and an independent strategic view will assist with discussing the topic with the public and other stakeholders
  • addressing the topic is expected to have a positive impact on quality of care and patient outcomes
  • commissioners believe that independent clinical advice would add value to their decision making process
  • the topic is a relatively local but common issue and the scale of change across the Thames Valley would be substantial
  • decisions on the topic are likely to have wider implications for other services or other areas within the Thames Valley egĀ  where consistency of service is important
  • the topic has the potential of
    • providing better patient care, better value and lower patient care cost
    • improving patient flow
    • improving patient safety

The request for advice should also have commissioner support as an indication that the Clinical Senate recommendations will be implemented.

Guidelines for requesting advice can be found here