About Us

Clinical Senates have been established to be a source of independent, strategic advice, guidance to commissioners and the other stakeholders to help them to make the decisions about healthcare for the populations they represent. There are 12 clinical senates across England:

Purpose of the Senate

To use the clinical and professional expertise within the Senate Council and Assembly to:

  • Provide clinical leadership and credibility to support the Thames Valley commissioners
  • identify where there is potential to influence major improvements in outcomes and value
  • Help commissioners make the best decisions by considering the strategic impact of reconfiguration proposals
  • Promote the needs of the patient above the needs of individual organisations or professions
  • Provide clinical advice to inform the NHS England service change assurance process

Organisational Structure

Clinical Senates are comprised of a core Clinical Senate Council and a wider Clinical Senate Assembly. Each clinical senate has a Clinical Chair.

The Clinical Senate Council will provide overall leadership and manage the Senate’s business. It will maintain a strategic overview across the Thames Valley and be responsible for the formulation and provision of advice that is sought from the Senate, drawing on the views and opinion of the broader Assembly.

The Clinical Senate Assembly is a diverse multi-professional group providing the Council with ready access to experts from a broad range of health and care professions. Membership will encompass the whole patient pathway across all care settings, patients and the public, public health and social care.

Clinical Senates run clinical review teams, as required, to provide the clinical advice that informs the NHS England service change assurance process.

The 12 Clinical Senates

12 Clinical Senates


 Greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria      Juliette Kumar      juliette.kumar@nhs.net
 Cheshire & Mersey      Jan Vaughan      jan.vaughan@cmcn.nhs.uk
 West Midlands      Angela Knight Jackson      angela.knightjackson1@nhs.net
 South West      Ellie Devine      elliedevine@nhs.net
 Wessex      Debbie Kennedy      debbie.kennedy1@nhs.net
 South East Coast      Ali Parsons      alisparsons@nhs.net
 London      Sue Dutch      sheenamccabe@nhs.net
 East of England      Sue Edwards      sue.edwards17@nhs.net
 East Midlands      Sarah Hughes      sarah.hughes25@nhs.net
 Yorkshire & The Humber      Joanna Poole      joanna.poole1@nhs.net
 Northern England      Ben Clark      ben.clark2@nhs.net